What is Panto?

Pantomime, or ‘Panto’, is a very old British theatrical tradition. From the glamour of London’s professional stages to the humble village hall, thousands of pantos are performed each year during the Christmas and New Year period. For generations, an essential part of the festive season has been a visit to the local theatre to join in the traditions of watching a well-loved panto story.

First and foremost panto is about telling a traditional story such as Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Aladdin. Its proper name in the UK is pantomime, BUT British pantomime has got nothing to do with the art form of telling stories without words.  What makes panto different is how the story is told. There is singing, dancing, drama, comedy, colourful characters and audience participation.

In panto tradition, the Principal Boy, such as Aladdin, is played by a woman and there is always a comedy character, the Dame, played by a man. The evil villain is always defeated by the handsome hero and a comedy duo gets up to all sorts of mischief and mayhem. The audience don’t just sit quietly and watch either. They are expected to cheer the hero, boo the villain and at appropriate times shout out well practiced phrases such as “Oh yes he did! or “It’s behind you!”  Panto is fun family entertainment and an experience that is not to be missed. For more information about British Pantomime visit

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Our 2018 production  –  Treasure Island

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Our 2019 production – The Snow Queen

Previous productions

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Ahoy there, me hearties!


The Pantoloons’ production of ‘Treasure Island’, based on a script by Spotlight Publications, was a swashbuckling tale of pirates, mutineers and buried treasure - a fantastic show full of music, laughter, singing, dancing and not forgetting audience participation!


When Jim Hawkins and his mother Harriet Hawkins came across a map showing the location of Pirate Flint’s buried treasure they fitted out a ship, hired hands and set off on a sea adventure.  Unfortunately, their crew included one-legged Long John Silver, a villainous pirate, also in search of the treasure.  With the good Captain Smollet at his side, would Jim find his fortune or would the dastardly Long John Silver stand in his way?


If you missed our last production, or have never seen a traditional British panto, then why not come along to our next show?

Sell-out houses joined the Pantoloons as they presented another feast of fun for the whole family with their traditional panto version of 'The Snow Queen' - it really was the coolest family panto.


The village of Torvoren is a ski resort with a problem. It has no snow. Mayor Carlsberg has a plan to save the village, but the Snow Queen doesn’t like it and plans to stop it. Kai and Gerda have lived in Torvoren all their lives and are Best Friends Forever, and when the Snow Queen tricks Kai into coming with her to the Ice Palace, Gerda sets out to rescue him and bring him home. On her journey she is helped by Kai’s grandma Svetlana, some unusually helpful animals and some tap-dancing elves. However, there are dangers waiting for her in the Frozen Forest. Will a snow storm stop her journey? Will she make it past the wolves? Will she be able to complete her journey and bring Kai home? Will Torvoren ever have snow again?


This family show had music, jokes, drama and all the fun and laughter you have come to expect from a Pantoloons production. If you have never been to a panto before, come along to our next show for one of the craziest theatre events you could hope to see. There are always wonderful characters, surprises galore and lots and lots of audience participation. Oh yes there is!